Settling in at the JBG

Welcome to Steve, our propagation scholar from the USA.  Steve arrived in Jerusalem in December and here is his first blog.

My first week at the Jerusalem Botanic Garden has flown by. A lot of time has been spent settling into my new job and adjusting to life in Israel. I’ve met nearly the entire garden staff at the JBG and am slowly coming up to speed with the work.
I’ve been paired with an Israeli intern to work on an endangered plant propagation project. Over the next six months I will help sow, grow, and collect seeds of rare and endangered plants of Israel.
Along with nursery work, I’ve gotten the chance to take a tour with the Garden’s Scientific Director, Ori Fragman-Sapir and tag along with his Hebrew University class to do field botany in the Dead Sea. The chance to see unique and rare plants in the wild and then try my hand at propagating them in the greenhouses will be the highlight and focus of my time in Israel.

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