Beit Shemesh Hike

Sam in another of our current scholars. Here’s his description of a recent field trip

Botanical Adventures

On the 18th of February, Shemer, Kady, Abby and I went for another hike to look at wild Flora. First, we visited a hill near Beit Shemesh. The area in question is renowned for its display of Lupinus pilosus, though we were a touch early and only a few were in flower.
The Sinapis alba, however, was in full bloom. S. alba is a common wildflower across most of northern Israel. The plant is 25-100cm high and covered in yellow crucifer flowers. En mass they look pretty incredible, and the display with be even more vivid when the Lupinus pilosus fire up next week.

Scrambling among the shrubbery in this area are large specimens of Clematis cirrhosa. The blooms illuminate the hosts they cover, creating creamy mounds on the green landscape. A number of C. cirrhosa varieties are available commercially including the well known ‘Wisley Cream,’ so seeing the true…

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